You want Armageddon? Still… Really…

On 15th July 2016 USA headed and Western crusaders’ backed coup plotters tried to take over Turkey which thwarted by Turkish people in matter of hours.

Yesterday, 7th August 2016, Turkish people has shown the crusaders that;
If you want fight – we will fight the good fight,
If you want armageddon – we will give you the best one
You cannot break our will, you cannot break our spirit with couple of traitor.

5 million people attended the meeting just in Istanbul.All over Turkey, estimated 50 million attended the meetings in their respective cities. Probably, this is the biggest event that took place in the known history of the world.

This was a warning to all crusaders and we are just warming up. Dont force us to flip-over our other cards on the table.
You shall regret it.

You have been warned…